Feb 15, 2004

Hola people. How's life? Good? GOOD.

Anyways, well "HAPPY V-DAY" to everybody eventhough i'm one day late.
Nothing much has happened. Friday was Senior Brunch=cool.
Yesterday was IDC competitions. We did good. We won 2 of our dances got GOLD and one got PLATINUM(yea baby). We also got asked to perform for the Entertainment challenge(which is a good thing)...Everything was gravy. I got to spend V-day with people I love doing what I love=dancing.

Well folks, that's it for now. My back is killing me, I wish i had a personal massage person. Plus, i'm watching Face Off and I actually want to pay attention.


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Feb 8, 2004

Hiya there fellow readers. Here goes another interesting adventure into my life.

- I got my SAT scores and I went up 100pts.. I have proud score of 1030..that means i am eligible for the brights future 75% paid scholarship:)
-I am really proud of myself. Tuesday i checked out the novel Carrie and I was done reading it by Saturday. Folks, thats a record for me= to read a novel in less than a week. WOW. I also saw the movie and for once in my life i can say that a movie based on a novel doesn't suck!

-yesterday was the Miami Heat performance. I wasn't even psyched. It SUCKED..maybe its cause the HEAT themselves suck and they passed their sucky attitude to us, but it sucked. I mean performing was cool and the arena was awesome but i just wasnt feeling it. Maybe it was due to the fact that the dance we did wasn't suitable for a game(hip hop would be suitable) not some weird song. Anyways, the point is that it sucked...and to top it off the HEAT lost AGAIN.

-I guess thats all folks. I know theres more to rant about but i just cant seem to remember. If i do ill come back and update. Im off to watch Psycho II......hahahaha


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Jan 24, 2004
pheww...the stress is over

FINALLY the SATs are over with. I don't want to jinx myself but I must say the test was "ok", I'm pretty confident of myself(i hope..lol)...Last night i couldnt sleep. I went to sleep at 1:30 after 4 crucial hours of studying. When I finally laid my head on the soft, white, fluffy pillow-hoping to rest-numbers started running through my mind. I though I was going to go crazy with so many number(i was studying math)...I was so scared that when I would wake up I would forget everything i studied for but fortunately I didn't forget.

After the test i headed to my grandmas and later on i came home. Nothing much, just cleaned my room and came online. Now i shall go exercise . By the way, my predictions where correct. Amazingly i lost another 2 pounds(let me not jinx) so im happy

Bueno folks, eso es todo. Adieus.

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Jan 22, 2004
Lazy should be my name

Hola...here's a quick post . I hate the internet. I just finished writing a post and the screen just decided to dissapear, so here I go rewriting this sh*t.

1) Midterms are over and I did good(better that what I thought). However, my grades for this semester are not so good. See, for the past year I have maintained 3 A's and 3 B's. However, this semester so far I have 4 possibly 5 B's and ONE A. Oh whatever.....On a lighter note I think I'm on the top 15 or 20% of my class, so thats good.

2) SAT's are on Saturday and I haven't studied for 2 straight day. I'm going to get up after writing this and hit that book!

3) GREAT, WONDERFUL NEWS: My ekg teacher who is a registered nurse told me today that they (RN's) get paid $27 to start off. WOW .. Imagine I that want to get my Masters in Science Nursing(possibly Ph D) I will atleast get paid(hopefully) $35 +....wow thats some money(not a lot, but I aint going to be no millionaire either)

4) ahhh... have i ever mentioned that Diet Coke is the absolute Best (sorry, i just finished drinking it after being deprived of it for over a week)

5) I am proud to say that I have maintained my diet for 2 weeks :) ::does happy dance::..Last time i weighted myself I had lost 2 pounds, hopefully I lost 2 more this week. After all the dancing and sweating I've been through these past 3 days I should end up weighing 80 lbs.\

NOTE TO MICHELE CONCERNING STATEMENT # 3....Don't get your hopes up, just cause I'll be earning some money still doesn't mean I'll support you lazy ass.. Get up and GET A JOB.. NOW!!!. That way you can pay for my expenses until I get a job :P

Well like the piggy in looney tunes "Tha Tha That's all folks".

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Jan 10, 2004
long time no type

Hi peeps. I am terribly sorry for not posting anything, but I've been kinda busy and lazy. Merry LATE x-mas and happy new year to all. My holidays were great. Had a family gathering on x-mas and spent new years in disney.

These upcoming weeks are going to be a bit hectic for me so exuse me if i don't write often.
I have a Hamlet play coming up in which i'll play the lord and King Claudius. I have midterms coming up, SAT's, i have to study for HOSA competitions(my subj is nutrition and dieting :), i have hardcore practice for dance(due to competitions right around the corner). On top of all that i need time to myself, time to relax, read, exercise, but NO i have NOOOO time. sorry :/

I am proud to say that i have a gained a profound love for reading. I am almost done with Stephen King's Firestarter , next on my list will probably be Carrie or Christine. I found it amusing that a book kinda had my name.

Anyways, other than all the hectic things ^ there, everything is fine. Things with the bf are good and school is somewhat ok.. its getting boring. Sadly i can admit i wish(kinda) that high school was over. I mean i wish it wasn't(in a way): the dancing, easy work, hanging with friends,laughs, the clubs, everything,but i want to be sort of 'independent' already. Have my own car, work, not go to school everyday on a damned based strict schedule. Argg

well friends, im off to watch Freddy vs Jason. It's worthless since neither of them ever scared me and i know what happens at the end :/.. but i'll give it a shot. catch ya laterz


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Dec 17, 2003
long timeno update

Hey friends. Sorry for not updating but my laptop adapter was not working. A lot has happened.

To sadly begin with, yesterday one of my schools teacher passed away. Coach Brock was the happiest soul you could have ever met. Never was he mad, he always had such energy and enthusiasm. He was such an awesome person with an oversized blessed personality. You didn't even have to know him to love him. This event has left eveybody in shock. Hey, atleast he passed doing something he loved: coaching soccer. God Bless him.

This weekend was rather eventful. Friday was homecoming, i had fun. Then sat was the dance teams secret santa dinner at Dave and Buster. I had a good time and also bonded w/ the girls. Chicken butt Vanessa was my Secret Santa. She got me Cranberry bliss body splash and shower gel, i loved it. I love body splashes and shower gels. Suarez gave us all hair scrunchies, a necklace w/ a sandal charm and his school pic. Sundaywas just a typical ol day.

I'm soo glad vacations is near. Finally i get to sleep and relax.

I am so proud of myself. I went x-mas shopping today at Walmart and in less than 4 hrs and less than $130, i bought everybody their gifts. Well, nearly everybody. Hey, to me it was a bargain. I had a looot of ppl on my list.

I wish i could keep on writing but i cant. ill update tomorrow..

bye byez

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Dec 8, 2003
"sick" or not

I am home on a cool monday morning/afternoon. My role today is to be "sick". haha yea right. I guess i just needed some extra sleep and time to relax. Anyways my classes today are boring so i would have fallen asleep in school regardless.

Yesterday i watched Bruce Almighty: it was O.K...yes michele, it was just O.K .
Later on i saw the so famously talked about "finding stupid", i mean NEMO. I don't know what the hype was all about, the movie was a piece of ......

I have nothing to blog about so i will be departing. Anyways i need to start on my choreography project which is due tomorrow. I just love how i procastinate. I've had nearly a month to do this and today iswhen im starting. Oh well, i guess it should come easily. Farewell dear friends.


With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well too.
--Yiddish Proverb

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Dec 6, 2003
Finally and update

HI & WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG...continued from: miszloca.diaryland.com

Hey guys..im sooo sorry i havent updated but I was really busy and whenever I had time for myself all i wanted was to sleep.

Everythings been good. Today was the ADA competition @ killian. We did awesome. We won the SUPERIOR award for best choreography(in the high school division) and outstanding sweepstakes award(that is for teams that entered 3 or more dances= the scores for the pieces were added and the team with the highest score won this prize) :)
I am really happy that we won something.

Wed dec 10 we will be performing at the Holiday Village(if anyone is there go watch us @ 7pm) ;)

MORE dance news: i mentioned a surprise in one of my earlier entries. Well we were asked by the MIAMI HEAT to open up one of their games and it has been confirmed!!! We will be opening up a game for the heats against the new york knicks on Feb 7 2004. That is so chilling. Im really excited.

The week after that, on Valentines day we have IDC competitions @ Goleman.

I love dance and I love performing.

Well im off to watch Bruce Almighty and Finding Nemo.

Might i add: I LOVE THIS COOOOLD WEATHER.. it's soooo cool outside..

Im off... :)

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Nov 29, 2003

just checking again...ill post later

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mic check 1, 2

Just testing ....

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